Our Story

From our family to yours

We are a family-owned brand, established in Stockholm, Sweden, by Terry, a mother of two boys. Silly Silas has embarked on a journey to reinvent traditional tights with braces into new versions that fit the modern world our kids live in. This beautiful tradition originates from the Czech Republic, where Terry’s roots are. Our mission is and has always been to support and cherish these decades-old, traditional, family-owned productions and artisans in the EU, making sure that this local craft won’t slowly vanish. Now available in more than thirty-five countries all across the world, our goal at Silly Silas is to create sustainable, timeless, and practical tights that kids will love.

Our focus goes even further, too. Silly Silas cares for the little ones as well as the future of our Planet Earth––we’ve been awarded the top certifications in the textile sector, and are proud to carry OEKO-TEX Standard 100, GOTS, and RWS certifications.


How we started and where we’re going

Like every great story, ours started with love.

It was Terry’s mom’s love for her first grandchild. She sent Terry’s first child a pair of the traditional tights with braces that she herself wore as a child. She wore them back before they’d gone out of style, in what was then 1950’s and 1960’s Czechoslovakia. It was also Terry’s love for her son, Elias, who despite being only a baby and a few months old, visibly enjoyed wearing them every day. He thrived in his development and new explorations, whether it was at home or during stroller walks, while feeling cosy and comfortable. And it was Terry’s love as a mother, who instantly felt that this traditional piece of clothing was a special yet nearly forgotten piece of her home country’s heritage, a piece of history that can make more babies and their parents all around the world happy. 

With appreciation for the traditional design of tights with braces, we quickly embarked on our own creative trajectory, reinventing the traditional tights to into the innovative design we have today.

Shortly after Silly Silas was founded, we were still operating from our living room. Surrounded by children’s toys and boxes of tights, our first design was created: footless tights with braces. They offer all the comfort of our traditional, classic footed version, but the Footless collection, made for barefoot-loving babies, was the first step into our mission of reimagining the original product of the past.

We haven’t stopped there. We decided that if our tights are your little one’s favourite pieces of clothing, they should also be of use in warmer climates and all countries around the world. In May of 2020, we launched the very first Shorty tights with braces, proving that the beach and tights can go together. They’re made from 100% organic cotton, so the skin can nicely breathe. The Shorty collection became a must-have for the family summer holiday.

Unique collections like Perfectly Imperfect, Mosaic, or Autumn Delights have been created with inspiration from the everyday world that surrounds us, drawing from art and nature. In September 2021, we took one more step towards ultimate cosiness for your kids and launched our very first Teddy tights. Lusciously soft and warm, they’re perfect for the colder days and for exciting outdoor adventures together.

After releasing our Teddy collection, we launched the newborn footed version in March 2022. They’re crafted with love, just like all our tights, but scaled down to fit the delicate bodies of the littlest of little ones.

Later on, in October of 2022, we released our very first Wooly tights, made out of 100% natural fibres, with a unique combination of 59% Merino wool and 41% organic cotton. Merino wool is an ultra-fine, supremely soft natural fibre that breathes and helps regulate body temperature in both warm and cool weather. On winter days, it absorbs cold air and circulates warmth. On summer days, it lets the body breathe while absorbing moisture from your little one’s skin.

It took many sleepless nights, a lot of hard work, and countless ups and downs to reach where we are today. Silly Silas is a caring, nostalgic, and innovative brand that will always keep love at the highest level of importance: love for all your little ones, for those who are bringing this craft back to life, and for our planet, which we must preserve.

We’ve evolved from those very first stroller walks where Silly Silas originated to an international brand, with presence in more than thirty-five countries around the globe –– and we’re forever grateful to our team and our supporters for it.

With your love and support, we strive, year after year, to produce the best-quality products and to solve the evolving needs of modern-day parents and kids, while working to minimise our impact on the planet. It is this drive that has pushed us to become one of the handful of brands –– not only in the Nordics and Europe, but in the world––to receive a GOTS as well as an RWS certification. This means that you can rest assured that our tights will be gentle on both your little ones and the planet. To learn more about our certifications and what they mean, check out our We Care page.