Our Story

About Silly Silas

Silly Silas captures the laughter of children playing outside on the streets of former Czechoslovakia and is reminiscent of that homely remembrance of comfort and durability, brought up to date with the beautiful and ingenious design today’s kids and parents will love.

Traditionally produced in Czech Republic by people who cherish their profession for decades, supporting the local craft that is slowly and sadly vanishing. This fusion of traditions, ingenious practical design and contemporary cool was the energy that brought the Silly Silas clothing brand into being.

About me

I am a mom of 2 boys that make my every day a magic! I fell in love with the tights with braces when my first son Elias was born and my mom sent me a pair. It was a love at first sight, because they are so practical but also the most adorable garment I had ever seen. I learnt from my parents that they used to be very popular when they were kids but then they already gone out of the style when I was a baby.  

Appreciating that sometimes some traditional solutions stand the test of time, I explored other childrens’ and babies’ clothing from the past that are practical for kids and toddlers who live in them, while remaining convenient for moms and dads to change, easy to launder and maintain. 

Now living in Sweden, I want to bring my own baby’s wardrobe essential that is part of my own Czech heritage to children and parents who love great design everywhere. My dream is that Silly Silas will be a loved brand of other babies and toddlers as well as their loving parents.

Hugs, Terry