Art Of Embroidery By Cressida X Silly Silas

Art Of Embroidery By Cressida X Silly Silas
It sounds silly, but anything and everything can inspire me.

We feel so blessed that we have had a chance to discover so many talented people during our Silly Silas journey that have been inspiring us in so many different ways.

One of them is Cressida Jamieson, a London-based embroider and designer. It was one day last year when we got to be tagged on a sweet picture that got our attention. Cressida purchased a pair of our tights and embroidered a name of her son on the braces. We had to immediately explore her profile to see more of her inspiring work and fell in love with the beautiful nostalgic designs, the finest craft and the unique details that make every piece a piece of art.

We are so delighted that we could ask Cressida a few questions to learn more and share with you her inspiring story.

  1. A short introduction about yourself

My name is Cressida Jamieson, and I’m an embroiderer and designer based in London. I have two small boys, Sid and Herbie, and a gigantic cat called Pablo.

  1. When and how did the love for embroidery started and what was the very first piece you made?

I started embroidering from a young age as my mother loved needlework and made lots of clothes for my sisters and I. She taught me how to cross-stitch at the age of 8, and from then on I would always be embroidering onto my clothes or any fabric I found around the house to make into clothing or accessories.

  1. When did you know this is what fills your heart and you would like to dedicate more of your time to it?

I think I always knew embroidery was what made me most happy, but it took me a while and a few career choices to fully realise it! At university studying languages I would skip lectures to sew, when I was working as a fashion PR and then as a florist I would sew late into the evenings, even if I was exhausted and should have been in bed. Sewing has been with me throughout my life and been a constant source of joy and a welcome distraction - I feel so unbelievably lucky that I’m now able to do this as my full-time job.

  1. What inspires your designs and what inspires you in general?

It sounds silly, but anything and everything can inspire me. Having been a florist, I’m drawn to all things botanical, especially as I adore traditional embroidery which is often floral. But my inspiration can really come from anywhere - a painting, a book I’m reading with my boys, some wallpaper or graffiti, a film, or just some fruit on my kitchen table! That’s the best thing about embroidery, you can do whatever you want!

  1. What is your biggest wish for the future with your bespoke embroidery?

As everything is bespoke, so much thought goes into every commission from both the customer and myself, and I love the idea of my embroideries becoming heirlooms. I just want to keep producing embroideries which make people happy, and which people will want to keep forever.

If you would like to have your very unique piece of our tights, do not hesitate to reach out to Cressida at: