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Meet Silly Silas Stockist family - Edition 1

LURALU, our very first USA stockist Lindsey, mom of 5 and owner of wonderful We have started this little journal on our site to bring some useful advices from different experts and show a bit more of our Silly Silas life. One big part of our family are our dearest stockists around the world. We cannot thank them enough for their amazing work bringing our little tights babies closer to you and giving them a new loving home. So we decided to introduce them in regular short interviews:) The support for small business is so important especially nowadays and it is nice to know the people behind.   We are so happy to start with our first Silly Silas’s Stockist in USA – dear...

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Looking for ideas which books to buy for your children? For the occasion of International Children’s Book Day and our launch of Perfectly Imperfect Collection, we have decided to get professional useful advice on which books are recommended to teach our little ones to cherish their unique personalities, encourage them to be themselves and accept everyone’s differences. We are so happy that a principal of FUTURASKOLAN International pre-school in Stockholm Ivett Tamayo (that our two boys attend) joined us in a short below interview. Find out more amazing tips and book ideas for your children today from this blogpost.#tipsforparents READ MORE

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 Welcome to explore our Perfectly Imperfect Collection: Save The Date:  1st April 2021 14:00 CET. Charcoaly Brown, Silvery Brown, Creamy Lavender and Creamy Olive Spring Collection 2021 - Perfectly Imperfect Their own combination of lines and shapes. It’s own story.

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