The #SillySand Challenge

The #SillySand Challenge

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Join us in celebrating summer and the new Shorty tights.

Summer is just around the corner and the 2022 Shorty tights are here! When we first released the Shorty tights we got feedback from our customers saying that they were great for the kids to wear for sand adventures. They stay in place, are breathable in hot weather and even keep the sand out of the nappies of the little ones. 

Since our Shorty tights are such good beach playwear we wanted to put the two together and create a little summer fun activity to draw a smile. A fun way of capturing those special summertime memories.

There is nothing more idyllic than kids enjoying playing on the beach or in a sandbox. Building castles, pretending to bake cakes or cook soups. As cute and charming as an Instagram picture can be. But the reality is that the idyllic picture usually turns into a sand horror scene just a few minutes after you come home and start finding the sand absolutely everywhere: in their hair, eyes, nose, ears, face, clothes and all over your home:)

#SillySand is a fun challenge where Instagram users are encouraged to share Instagram vs. reality pictures showing how charming sand adventures turn not-so-charming. A picture where the children are playing in harmony vs. a picture where sand becomes the parent's enemy:) 

We hope you would like to join us in this little fun activity. Do not forget to use the hashtag #SillySand.

Have a wonderful Summer filled with special memories!

Hugs , 

Terry , Founder Of Silly Silas

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