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Perfectly Imperfect - Spring Collection 2021

Our imperfections are what makes us Unique"

It all started with striving to be perfect. To choose the new perfect colours for spring and to bring the perfect new addition.  But then we realized the most beautiful things around us have imperfections. As do we. The trees do not have perfectly shaped leaves, yet they´re marvellous. The sky doesn’t have perfectly rounded clouds, yet its magical. Our family is far from perfect yet is the most important and beautiful gift I could have ever wished for.

So we decided to cherish our imperfections. To show our little ones that being themselves is what makes them remarkable. 

Their own combination of lines and shapes. It’s own story.

 Every piece of this collection is unique and carries a random mosaic of patterns and shapes- From a distance, each piece might look the same but take a closer look, you will find the pieces have their own blueprint. Their own combination of lines and shapes. It’s own story. Pattern may seem imperfect but when they come together, they are THE ONES.

With the inspiration of the beautiful blossoming spring and nature, we are introducing 4 different colours and hope you will love them as much as we do!

 Welcome to explore our Perfectly Imperfect Collection:

Save The Date:  1st April 2021 14:00 CET.

Charcoaly Brown, Silvery Brown, Creamy Lavender and Creamy Olive can’t wait to meet you!:)


Terry, Founder Of Silly Silas



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