Celebrating Mother's day with Silly Silas

Celebrating Mother's day with Silly Silas

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The days are long but the years are short is a saying that describes parenthood in a charming way. Because being a parent is the hardest yet the most beautiful job in the world.

This year, in celebration of Mother’s day we would like to share the faces of the mothers behind the scenes of Silly Silas.

To all moms, grandmas and aunts,

friends and sisters, 

to all of you who gives love and care

And are always there 

Happy Mother’ s Day



On top of being a mom of all Silly Silas babies (or Silasitos as we call them:), she is a mother to 2 little charmers: Elias and Hugo. She started Silly Silas during her maternity leave and feels blessed for every day of this journey.


Nuria is a flight attendant turned Silly Silas Sales Operation manager. Soon to manage being a mother of two! She has a daughter named Lily and we're still trying to convince her to call baby number 2 Silas!


Originally from Argentina, she had to cross the world to land at Silly Silas:) A Mom to her beautiful plants but also the most caring aunt to all kids around her.


Lisa, the florist turned E-commerce manager student and the Swedish representation in the team. Her love of Silly Silas tights brought her to do an internship with us. She's a mother to little Ginny who just turned 2.

Thank you so much for all your kindest support and we wish you all the happiest Mother's Day!

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