Meet Silly Silas Stockist family  - Edition 1

Meet Silly Silas Stockist family - Edition 1

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LURALU, our very first USA stockist

Lindsey, mom of 5 and owner of wonderful

Welcome to Silly Silas Stockist Family! We have started this little journal on our site to bring some useful advices from different experts and show a bit more of our Silly Silas life. One big part of our family are our dearest stockists around the world. We cannot thank them enough for their amazing work bringing our little tights babies closer to you and giving them a new loving home.

So we decided to introduce them in regular short interviews:) so everyone in the world could find out more about Silly Silas Stockist Family.

The support for small business is so important especially nowadays and it is nice to know the people behind.  

We are so happy to start with our first Silly Silas’s Stockist in USA – dear Lindsey from

Lindsey, I am so grateful for all your support from the beginning of our journey and all the kindness and friendship you gave me along the way! Thank you <3 Welcome to the Silly Silas's Stockist Family!

 1.Tell us about yourself.

Lindsey Hi friends! My name is Lindsey and I am the owner of Luralu, a small shop based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I design and curate timeless children’s clothing. Our five young children are quite busy, but so inspiring! :) 

  1. How did you find out about Silly Silas at the beginning and how long you have been our official stockist? 

 Lindsey: I first saw Silly Silas’s tights on the beautiful @mummyuniverse’s Instagram page. I fell in love right away! They were not available in the US at this time and I knew my customer’s would love them! I reached out to Silly Silas and luckily became their first USA stockist in August 2019. 


  1. What was the key thing that attracted your attention when you first noticed Silly Silas?

Lindsey: I love the unique & timeless look, from the tights themselves to the adorable custom packaging! 

  1. What new additions did you like so far the most from Silly Silas?

Lindsey: I have to say the Shorty tights are the greatest invention! Something I had never seen before and are the best to throw on and go all Summer long. The high quality cotton makes them super breathable too!

  1. What are your hopes and wishes for Silly Silas?

Lindsey: I hope the absolute best for the sweetest momma owner and her family! I am so proud of how much love and care they put into Silly Silas. 

  1. Why would you recommend Silly Silas to your customers and friends?

Lindsey: 100%! I feel like I cannot share them enough, my little one’s wear love their Silly Silas tights just as much as I do!

l u r a l u


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