Launching Day!New Shorty Tights #sillysilas

Launching Day!New Shorty Tights #sillysilas

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New Shorty Tights 

Let the summer begin☀️Coming On 31st May 14:00 CET.

 The Shorty Tights are unique way how to keep your little one comfy and merry while enjoying the warmer days! Thanks to their 100% cotton material the skin can nicely breathe through while embarking on any summer adventure.


Our dream has always been to keep our little ones comfortable no matter the season so they can enjoy exploring the world during the colder as well as warmer days. When we launched our shorty tights first time last year, our hearts were instantly filled with so much happiness. Seeing your little ones enjoying them while playing on the beach (they are great for preventing getting sand in the diaper) running through the fields and meadows or just creating the happiest summer memories that will be cherished throughout the life.

We are so happy to bring our shorty tights back just in time for the summer, launching 31st of May 2021 14.00 CET . Our signature Light Brown colour will be this year joined by our dearest earth tones of Cream Blend, Cinnamon and Olive.Let the cute bellies be filled and merry, having all the freedom to grow. Thanks to their practical design with high waist and braces, the tights are never too tight to be uncomfortable and at the same time never too loose to be falling down.

The collection is available at and our authorized stockists in around the globe (please see our Stockists section for finding the nearest one).

Explore more our stories via The Silly Journey at 

We would like to wish you a wonderful summer filled with the happiest moment.

Hugs , 

Terry , Founder Of Silly Silas

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