How We Care Beyond  Silly Silas Tights

How We Care Beyond Silly Silas Tights

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World Health Day Special Featured

How we care beyond tights? ´We believe that care and safe keeping are essential. Down to the production and environmental impact of our product'


The baby skin is the most sensitive one and it deserves to be pampered in the softest and most importantly the safest layers. This is why, to us, our tights are our babies (along with the two walking around our home). We treat them with love from the first cotton yarn thread all the way to delivery and the care and safety are absolutely essential.

What is more to how we care beyond tights? Our tights are crafted from 100% cotton to be as soft and gentle to skin as possible and are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 at the Class 1 level, the most rigorous certification designed specifically for newborns through toddlers up to the age of three.

'Please use your consumer right to always ask questions, where the product is manufactured and what certification it has'


Our hearts are filled with sadness and worries when we see more of counterfeit products (with unknown origin, material composition and most importantly safety risk) flowing into the market, misusing our brand trademark. Please use your consumer right to always ask questions, where the product is manufactured and what certification it has.

Our tights are always manufactured in a traditional, small production in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic by people who cherish their profession for decades. Similar productions are sadly vanishing and this inspiring craft is rare. This has been one of the absolute key drivers of Silly Silas from the beginning – helping to preserve this precious tradition no matter the cost and support the local craft and production. 


As we are celebrating World Health Day this week, all thoughts around the better, healthier and fairer world come around. This is why we took the opportunity to dedicate one of our Silly Journals to How We Care. Care for our babies, care for each other and care for our planet. 

Last important note to share: Please be very careful and purchase our products only from our official stockists listed on the link below (or from our website directly):


The counterfeit products have our copied packaging and look by the first glance almost the same.

You will immediately recognize it is not a genuine product from the touch and feel as well as there will be no actual care symbol label sewed on the product stating the fibre composition. If you have any question at any point of time or have doubts if a product you purchased is genuine, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

Happy World Health Day , We Care Beyond Tights.

Hugs, Terry

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