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Happy International Children´s Book Day Everyone!

 Hi dearest parents, customers and friends, for the occasion of International Children’s Book Day and our launch of Perfectly Imperfect Collection, we have decided to get professional useful advice on which books are recommended to teach our little ones to cherish their unique personalities, encourage them to be themselves and accept everyone’s differences.

We are so happy that a principal of FUTURASKOLAN International pre-school in Stockholm Ivett Tamayo (that our two boys attend) joined us in a short below interview special featured on International Children's Book Day

1. We know you work a lot with books at your preschool and we can see the interest and relationship to books our boys already built. Can you please help to explain what benefits you see of children being exposed to books when they are in preschool age (1-6 years) and perhaps also what different approach are you taking based on the younger (1-3 years) and older group (3-6 years)?

Principal  Ivett Tamayo:  First of all,  thank you for inviting me as on your special featured on International Children's Book Day. Moving on to your question, reading can help our children in many different ways, from developing their language and listening skills to sparking their imagination and stimulating their curiosity. The benefits of reading are endless and just like reading can help develop our children’s brains, their ability to focus and concentrate, reading can be strongly linked to our children’s emotional development and social skills by expanding their understanding of the world. Reading to/with children of different ages can be challenging but remembering to think about our children’s interest and level of concentration can cater for their needs.

'Remembering to be patient is very important and finding age appropriate books too. Giving children ownership is also a part of making reading meaningful, children love to choose and look at books on their own'

2. We are currently launching a collection that has a mission to cherish imperfections and show our children that being themselves is what makes them remarkable. Do you have any recommendations on book selections to encourage children to be themselves, to cherish their personality yet to accept that other children and often their friends are very different?

Principat Ivett Tamayo:

1.“The Mixed-Up Chameleon” by Eric Carle is a colorful and humorous story about a chameleon that isn’t happy with his appearance and wants to look more like his friends.
THE MORAL OF THE STORY:This story teaches children that everyone has his or her own unique traits and characteristics.

2.“Stephanie’s Ponytail” by Robert Munsch
Stephanie’s friends, and even her teacher, start copying how she wears her ponytail.
THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Strive for non-conformity.
3.“ELMER” by David McKee
Elmer is the multi-colored elephant, while all the other elephants are grey. He’s different and not so sure he likes that.
THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Self-acceptance takes time, but comes with a big reward.

4.“Corduroy” by Don Freeman is about a cute little teddy bear Corduroy is sitting on a store shelf waiting for a child to love him. Unfortunately, he is missing a button. The story follows his search for that button that will fix his overalls.
THE MORAL OF THE STORY: This story teaches our children acceptance and that no one is perfect. We all have flaws. Our family and friends love us anyway, even with our faults and shortcomings.

5.“The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn tells the story of a worried Chester raccoon who does not want to start school in the forest. He is afraid to be separated from his mother until she shares a family secret that eases his mind.
THE MORAL OF THE STORY: This classic story teaches children that it’s alright to be away from their parents because a parent’s love goes with you wherever you go.

6.“The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister tells the tale of a beautiful, sparkling but conceited fish that refuses to share his iridescent scales with his friends in the ocean. Blinded by his vanity, the fish ends up with no friends or admirers. Eventually, he learns that friendship means, “sharing is caring.”
THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Judging others by the way they look on the outside is not a way to make friends.

3. Can you advise how to build a reading habit with children – how to motivate them and get them interested in books at an early age?

Principal Ivett TamayoI believe that one of the most important ways to make reading a habit for our children is by reading in front of them, children learn from what they see and it's important that they see us excited about reading, whether it's reading books we love or looking for “reading moments”, it's important that reading becomes a part of daily life and that we keep an eye out for reading moments in everyday life like reading road signs, grocery lists. If we make reading part of our daily routine, our children are likely to grow up into readers. Setting aside time to read with our child every day and spending time reading together will build emotional connections and cozy memories.

4. Who is your favourite author on children's books?

Principat Ivett Tamayo:

1.Robert Munsch is one of my long time favorite children’s books authors. One of his best-known books is Love You Forever.  A few of my favorites include Stephanie’s Ponytail, Moira’s Birthday and Purple, Green and Yellow.

2.Another one of my favorite authors and illustrators of children’s is Eric Carle and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is still one of my favorite books.

5. What are activities in your school on InternationalChildren Book ́s Day?

Principal Ivett Tamayo: One of the most exciting things during our celebration of International Children's Book Day is our “Book Alive”. Our teachers come together to bring a book to life by dressing up and re-telling the story as we bring the book to life :) for our children.


6. Your special wishes on International 's Children BookDay.

Principal Ivett Tamayo: One of my favourite phrases about reading and books is “Books Can Take You Anywhere”, so my wish is that every child gets to have the opportunity to be transported to many magical places while reading together with someone they love.

Thank you for reading everyone and if you find a minute we would love to hear your books recommendations in comments. Wish you all a Happy Easter!

Happy International Children´s Book Day!


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